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First Responders

First Responders experience high-stress situations and critical incidents that push them to the limit both physically and mentally. Retiring from a first responder’s life will include wonderful memories of being with your work family and the pride from having saved lives but other take-aways are not limited to: physical trauma, emotional trauma (including PTSD), and most recently, COVID-19 related risks.

Unlike most other jobs, first responders like firefighters, law enforcement, and EMS aren’t usually able to reduce most on-duty risks. Many are haunted by the things they can’t unsee long after the shift or their career concludes. Exercise is said to help quiet the mind and yet the physical requirements of those jobs usually leave lasting and painful injuries. We recognize and understand the uncommon courage you have that compelled you to work in such challenging and dangerous fields. In fact, our Partner Charles Mix proudly served Northern California communities for over a decade before injuries and stress made being a lawyer seem like a vacation.

California has some specific legislation directed to address the inherent risks associated with being a first responder. These are called Presumptive On-Duty Injuries and include, by way of brief explanation and limitation, heart issues, cancer, hernias, tuberculosis, and medical complications linked to chemical or biological agents. Mix & Namanny are vigilant about keeping up on the latest of these laws and how to best serve our clients in public safety. We also assist family members and dependents obtain death benefits if they’ve lost a loved one in the line of duty or as an essential worker that contracted COVID-19.

We’re geared up and will work overtime to get the benefits you deserve.